Zen Mind

There’s a book I have on my reading list called Zen Mind, Beginner’s Mind. Anyone read it? I feel like I am forever operating in that beginner’s mind. I built myself a little zen garden on my front porch these past few days, attempting to welcome loving kindness into my home, and given a difficult battle with relationship anxiety across the past few days, I came upon the mantra, “I believe in the power of love.” I can hear it like a chant “I-believe-in-the-power-of-LOVE” … over and over again in my mind. I believe in the power of love to overcome emotional obstacles. To withstand the sands of time. To back me up when I fear I will back down. To keep me steady and true. To help me achieve my best intentions.

There’s this crazy evangelical Christian phrase, “May the power of Christ compel you!” that I feel like is from The Exorcism or something….but going back to the Buddhist idea of lovingkindess, I feel like loving my demons away has a greater potential for success.

On my fridge, I have posted the quote, “Before enlightenment, chop wood and carry water. After enlightenment, chop wood and carry water.” I think relationships give us a place to chop the wood of dinner, carry the water of emotions.

So I leave, a waterbearer of my own and my partner’s feelings, with the power of love behind me.


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