About Hermione

Hi, I’m Hermione — or, to be completely honest, I’m not Hermione as much as Hermione Granger embodies a lot of what others seem to attribute to me. And so I thought, why not adopt her? She’s of British heritage, reads a lot of books, gets good grades, has anxiety about those grades, has dark curly hair…we actually do have a lot in common! Although I’m now a professional in my 30s, some part of me can’t totally grasp that I’m a grown up now. I’m living the epilogue of a life I never anticipated — 19 always seemed grown up! What’s 32? Never thought of it.

Why blog under a pseudonym? It’s not so much about internet anonymity as I’m looking forward to creative bursts real me might hinder due to real world hindrances. Also, maybe adopting a female heroine who is known for knowing so much will finally make me honest about my interests….for years, I’ve struggled to get a blog off the ground because I can’t commit to a topic. No wonder my college girlfriends nicknamed me Google, or that I bond best with the nerdiest students I teach…my interests are varied. Numerous. Insatiable. And rotating. Maybe I have ADD? If so, I see it as a power to harness for good. Gardening. Crock pot cooking. Embroidery. Lifting weights. Kombucha. Politics. Cat memes. I’m choosing not to commit to a topic. And I think it will do me good.

Here are some true things about me:

*I live in the lush Pacific Northwest, tucked into a small house in southwest Washington.

*I have a Border Collie/Boxer mix named Bella (who is the best dog in the world, except for when she isn’t….like 5 minutes ago, when she dug up my strawberries and my lawn in a course 2 seconds….*le sigh*) and an orange kitty named Namazu (named for the mythical Japanese catfish that causes earthquakes…this kitty is a lover AND a fighter…)

*I am a veteran teacher, currently teaching science, math, and video production (obsessed with the latter! I love educational technology!)

*I grew up a Republican conservative Christian. I now identify as a liberal atheist (who’s also pretty into Buddhism and many forms of mysticism).

*Some day I would like to be a published author. This blog is me tip toeing towards that goal.

You can contact me @